Version 2 of Unofficial INLretro Dumper-Programmer Case Released

Thanks to feedback from other people who printed the original release, changes have been rolled out, mainly by increasing the perimeter. This should help with other slicers and printers where “thin wall detection” can not be enabled or wouldn’t act as intended. I never noticed this as an issue because my slicing program (slic3r for […]

Super Nintendo Cartridge Insert and Dust Cover

For ages, region specific imports have been in existence; however, I’ve never bothered with obtaining them because of the language barrier. Thanks to the super stacker that’s no longer an issue. Problem solved, right? Nope, this brings up another issue — dealing with the cartridge slot. The cartridge slot for the Super Famicom and the Super […]


MiSTer 3D Printed Case

There’s now a 3D printed case available for the MiSTer FPGA kit.  It can be ordered in different color configurations and has models for both the full kit + IO board, as well as the HDMI-only version with a fan.  Sadly, the glow-in-the-dark option isn’t available on only the IO ports, would might be a […]

Virtual Boy Game Display Stands

I recently picked up a Virtual Boy and couldn’t resist the urge to make a display for the only game I currently have Virtual Boy Wario Land It is a super simple design that prints fairly quickly!  Files are available in the (still in progress) 3D print section of the website here:  


RetroTINK 2x 3D Printed Case by collingall

Greg Collins is at it once again, this time bringing us a 3D printed case for the RetroTINK2x scaler!  For DIY’s, the case files can be downloaded from the (still in progress) 3D print section of the website (screws & filament needed are listed below): Purchase all RetroTINK Products via multiple vendors worldwide here: […]


UltraHDMI No-Cut Prints Now Available For Purchase

Greg Collins has just made prints of his free 3D design available for purchase through his eBay store: More information and the files to print your own version can be found here: Since I have been asked a few times for a listing, you can purchase the #UltraHDMI #NoCutMod directly from me, I was going […]