Service Manuals

RGB Monitor Service Manuals


This page provides service manuals for RGB monitors and accessories.  All were sent and donated by members of the retro-gaming community. I’ll add more as I get them and more are available on the reddit CRT Wiki:


Sony BVM:

Sony BVM A20F1U
Including A20F1M, A20F1A, A24E1WU, A24E1WM, A25E1WA)

Sony BKM-68x
This is a full page of manuals and info dedicated to the rare RGB input card for A-Series BVM’s)

Sony BVM-D20F1U
Including D20F1A, D20F1E, D24E1WA, D24E1WE, D24E1WU.

Sony BVM-D14H1 & H5
This is the service manual for the D14H1A, D14H1E, D14H1U, D14H5A, D14H5E and D14H5U.

Sony BVM1916 & BVM-2016P
This is the service and operational manual.

Sony BVM-2010
This is the service and operational manual for the 2010P. 2010PD, 2010PM and 2010PMD.

Sony BVM E & F Series
Including 14E1E/14E1U, 14E5E/14E5U, 14F1E/14F1U, 14F5E/14F5U, 20E1E/20E1U, 20F1E/20F1U)

Sony PVM:

Sony PVM 20M2U
Including 20M4U, 20M2E, 20M4E, 20M4A

Sony PVM 2530

Sony PVM 2730

Sony Input Cards, Remotes and Other:

Sony BKM 10R & 11R
These are the remote units.

Sony BKM Input Cards
This manual covers:  BKM-120D / BKM-127W / BKM-129X / BKM-142HD


NEC XM29  /  Model PG-2740



TM-H1750CG / TM-H1950GC


Mitsubishi Megaview 37 Pro (I think this is just a regular manual, but it’s all I have)

RGB 2 Pinout and Cbales / Connectors:
Here’s the connector ends and head casings for the same type of connector.
Here’s a cable that already has the ends, so you can cut it apart and splice another input to it.

Mitsubishi_XC-3725C – This monitor doesn’t support 15KHz (I think), but any service manual for Mitsubishi monitors are hard to find, so I thought I’d list it.

That’s it for now, but I’ll add more as I get them.

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