Capture Card Testing with the OSSC and MiSTer

Recently, SmokeMonster published an article detailing how to achieve 5x and 6x mode with MiSTer, and with the use of a Datapath Vision E1/E1S Capture Card, being able to record or stream lagless gameplay. But with the fact it’s aging hardware and the Amazon price is roughly $880, I wanted to look for other options. […]


RetroTINK 2x 3D Printed Case by collingall

Greg Collins is at it once again, this time bringing us a 3D printed case for the RetroTINK2x scaler!  For DIY’s, the case files can be downloaded from the (still in progress) 3D print section of the website (screws & filament needed are listed below): Alternatively, Castlemania Games will be selling them pre-printed, as well […]


RetroTINK2X In Stock at Videogame Perfection

Videogame Perfection now has the ZERO-LAG RetroTINK2x units in-stock and shipping!  Anyone in Europe who’s been waiting should jump on this chance while they can!  Also, any impatient ‘merican’s can grab theirs as well, since US distributors won’t receive stock for a few more weeks: For more info and details about the RetroTINK2x, check out the […]


RetroTINK RGB to Component Prototype

RetroTINK creator Mike Chi has just shown off a prototype of a generic SCART to Component converter circuit.  Presumably, this was created for use with his RetroTINK2x scaler, to allow RGB inputs through the component video port.   Personally, I’d love to see this released as the simplest design possible.  Maybe a female SCART input with […]