Rany Battikh

Virtual Ribbon by SegaSonicFan

Developer/Modder SegaSonicFan just released a kit that replaces the Virtual Boy’s original problematic eyepiece flat cable assembly, called: the Virtual Ribbon. The Virtual Ribbon unassembled kit consists of two right-angle mounted PCBs for each eyepiece, two ribbon cables, and two separate connectors (each must be soldered to the main Virtual Ribbon PCBs). SSF went for […]


Virtualtrex: Vectrex Emulator for Virtual Boy

Thunderstruck, a long-time Virtual Boy coder from PlanetVB forums, has released an open-source Vectrex emulator that runs on the Nintendo Virtual Boy. It currently runs Minestorm only, and very slowly. The author is hoping that another coder will come in and do the “boring” work of optimizing and improving it. Details on how it was […]


Virtual Boy Hyper Fighting LIVE NYC Event

Anyone attending the weekly NLBC Wednesday night event on May 8th will have the ability to play and stream the Virtual Boy version of Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting!  NYCFurby has graciously offered a table at the event where there will be a full Virtual Tap setup and a livestream on the RetroRGB channels!  Anyone attending the […]


MultiBoy 32 Project Update

Kevin Mellott has just posted a few status updates regarding his “MultiBoy 32” Virtual Boy ROM/flash cart project. He’s received quotes and selected a board house for the initial prototype run of 10 carts.  Unfortunately, these will be costly and he’s looking to secure funding for both this and the main project. At the moment, […]


Capitan Sevilla 3D for Virtual Boy in the Works

There’s a new Nintendo Virtual Boy platformer in the works, Capitan Sevilla 3D. The VUEngine project aims to rebuild the award-winning Capitan Sevilla 2 demo from the ground-up, turning it into a fully-fledged game. It’s being built using the Virtual Boy Development Engine, and will be complete with stereoscopic 3D separation. Consider backing VUEngine’s Patreon […]


Innsmouth Mansion: Virtual Boy English Translation Released

Thunderstruck has released an English translation of Innsmouth Mansion [インスマウスの館] for the Nintendo Virtual Boy. VB hacks/homebrew/translations/protos, and new releases are rare, and any new English game significantly expands the consoles small library. Pre-patched ROM and screenshots are available at https://www.planetvb.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=7285&forum=2