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SmokeMonster’s MiSTer Expose Extravaganza

“If you are at the bleeding edge of classic gaming, then you’ve heard of MiSTer!” SmokeMonster


If you have not, then you really need to check out Smoke’s videos showcasing this amazing little piece of tech.  He is putting forth a ton of effort into highlighting each core of the MiSTer.  Currently counting down a core a day till the new year.  What exactly is the MiSTer Project???


MiSTer for those who are unaware. is an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) based hardware emulation platform.  Which is used to recreate and play classic video games or use old operating systems.  This means that unlike a software based program that is code written to emulate a classic system, i.e. like Raspberry Pi.  The MiSTer utilizes its uniquely flexible hardware configuration to allow its hardware to mimic a classic system at the core/cycle process level.  The advantages of this FPGA is that software and programs made to run for a certain classic system, would see the MiSTer as if it were the original classic system the program was meant to execute on.

This is not to say that software based emulation is bad.  On the contrary, software emulation has its advantages in being able to add features above and beyond the scope of the original equipment manufactured.  However in this instance, the FPGA based MiSTer helps to provide a classic accurate recreation of what players would experience.  If those players were using OEM systems.


If retro gaming interest you and would like the prospects of consolidating into one easy to use setup.  Then you owe it to yourself to check out SmokeMonster’s YouTube channel and his showcase of the fantastic MiSTer project.



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