Genesis “Mode 7 Demo” G-Zero

Developer GASEGA68k has just released a demo of an F-Zero-like game running on the Sega Genesis.  This is a fully playable demo that works on real hardware and shows off the “mode-7” style of scrolling that was implemented.

This demo was completed about eight months ago and is just now being made public.  The developer hopes to make it into a new Genesis game, as opposed to an F-Zero port.

I personally tested it on my triple-bypassed Genesis 3 via a Mega Everdrive x7 and it worked great!  For a quick look, check out this gif (limited to 30fps) that shows the two viewing angles, as well as scrolling!  For a closer look, I uploaded a clip that I captured via direct-RGB and scaled to 11x to 4K, just for the heck of it!

Here’s more info and links to where you can download this ROM yourself!:

Sega-16 Link (this site never works for me anymore):
gendev forum:
ROM download:

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