Archiving 480i & Interlaced Video with Dan Mons

Here’s a podcast-style discussion about archiving 480i and interlaced video issues. Ever wonder how some 480i games could be 60fps…even if 480i runs at 29.97? Or how come camcorder footage isn’t actually 30p? And how do you even capture interlaced video!?!?!? Dan’s expertise in the field really added a good perspective to these topics and I’d suggest giving this a listen, even if you’re already familiar with how this stuff works.  As always, these long-form discussions are available everywhere podcasts can be found – Just search your favorite app for “RetroRGB 480i”!

Dan’s Website:
RetroRGB Contributions:

Mediainfo’s QC tools:

I strongly recommend watching Chris’ video about 240p and 480i below before listening – It’s only 7min long and gives you all the visual examples you’d need that will help you understand everything Dan and I discuss.  Also, check out other podcasts we did, just be searching any app for “RetroRGB Dan Mons”, or check out the video versions below:

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