In-Person Interview with Rany Battikh

Here’s an interview with professional musician, writer and longtime RetroRGB contributor, Rany Battikh.  I’ve considered Rany a friend for a long time now and it was absolutely awesome to invite him over and be able to do a podcast.  If you like music (especially metal \m/), retro games and hearing interesting stories about cool places […]

Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Super MIDI Pak Follow up Interview

(Demo showing off the capabilities of the Super MIDI Pak) RetroRGB recently had the opportunity to do a follow up interview with Rian Hunter (cejetvole) the creator of the Super MIDI Pak.  A device that allows musicians and enthusiast of the Super Famicom/Nintendo to use their console as a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) synth.  […]


Interview With Arturo aka Sabin

Here’s a “swapcast” with friend, tournament organizer and pro gamer Arturo, aka Sabin.  We streamed this live on Art’s Twitch channel and I’m also featuring it here, as we think both of our audiences would enjoy us nerding out over lag, capture and just other fun randomness.  There were some connection issues, but I think […]