Interview: Introducing FGCOS (Alpha)

I recently sat down with Arturo Sanchez to discuss his latest project:  An “Optimized System” package, designed to significantly lower the latency of Windows operating systems.  This was obviously designed with the Fighting Game Community in mind, however this will lower the latency of any software, including software emulators.  While it’s still in the “alpha” state, […]


RMC Interview with Rebecca Heineman

Neil from RMC recently posted an interview with Rebecca Heineman, an absolute veteran of the gaming scene!!  Neil covered from back when she was the Atari National Video Game Champion, all the way to her latest work at Olde Skuul. Support RMC: Rebecca on Twitter: Olde Skuul on Twitter: You can also listen […]


Interview With: Banjo Guy Ollie

Here’s an interview with musician, painter, YouTuber and retro gaming enthusiast Banjo Guy Ollie.  I had a great time chatting with Ollie about everything from his work restoring arcade machines, to surfing…and of course, music!  Please check out both his YouTube channels and consider supporting on Patreon: Support Ollie: BJO Channel: 8-Bit Manshed Channel:  […]


Interview With Keith Raney

I recently had a chat with Keith Raney: Creator of the 240p Test Suite’s Monoscope pattern, professional photographer and fellow CRT enthusiast. This was a fun conversation and maybe someday we can follow up with a second about recording CRT’s! Follow Keith Here: Monoscope Pattern Info: As always, these long-form podcasts are available […]

SaturnDave (Sega Saturn, SHIRO!)

‘DEVASTAR’ Open Source IR Light Gun Project

A new Open Source IR Light Gun project by Greg Gallardo called ‘Devastar‘, is in the works and looks to support numerous consoles. While the project apparently got it’s start back in 2019 and has remained pretty quiet despite steady progress, it’s now caught our attention as just a few months ago, Greg decided to […]


Interview With Dixon Wu

Here’s an interview with Dixon Wu, the founder of the Hong Kong Retro Gaming Expo.  I really enjoyed hearing his stories about growing up a gamer in HK, as well as how he was able to befriend an ex-Sega executive, which led to the funding of the first expo date!  For that and some other […]