Pinocchio 32x Prototype Found

A prototype of the 32x game Pinocchio was just found and dumped!  The game was originally planned for release alongside the SNES, Game Boy and Sega Genesis in October, 1996.  This version was labeled “Jun 12, 1995” and seems to be in playable condition.

I spent a short time with the game and was able to capture a brief amount of comparison footage showing the differences between the Genesis version:

The release page offered their own comparisons between versions:

Overall, the difference in graphics in comparison to the Mega Drive version varies in color palette and scrolling. The 32x version features more parallax scrolling in the backgrounds of most stages and a mostly more vibrant color palette. The tiles that make up the parallax’d backgrounds in this version are unique and aren’t featured in any other version of the game. However, the color palette is very bright in comparison to the final Mega Drive version and looks somewhat more comparable to the SNES version. Other than this, the animation and sprite work is identical. This coincides with previews on the game’s production that mention the 32x version.

The ROM was playable on real 32x hardware using an Everdrive, so feel free to try this yourself!  For more information and the ROM download, check out the main page:,_1995_prototype)

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