Original Xbox Noctua Fan Replacement

Todd from RetroFrog has just designed an adapter that lets you mount a quiet 60mm Noctua fan inside your original Xbox. This is a #nocutmod:  Simply bolt the Noctua fan (sold separately) to the shroud, then snap it into place.  The price is under $10, with your choice of green or black plastic.  More info below, including why you might want it over the 70mm model:

Fan Shroud Kit:
600 Noctua Fan:

Xbox fans (no pun intended ;p) might recognize that the original fan was actually 70mm.  And in fact, Todd also made an adapter to support a 70mm Nexus Fan!  So, why would you want this one?:  Noise and availability.  First, the Noctua fan is noticeably quieter than the Nexus, while moving about the same amount of air;  No real internal temperature difference should be seen.  Also, the Nexus fan isn’t available in all regions.  Plus, the total price for everything is about the same, so this may be a better choice for most people.

Since you’re paying for shipping anyway, you might want to take a look at the Xbox Vertical Stand and 2.5″ HDD adapter Todd is also selling through Stone Age Gamer!  This stuff feels a lot cheaper when you’re only paying once for shipping.  Here’s links to everything else mentioned:

Xbox Vertical Stand
Xbox 3.5mm -> 2.5mm HDD/SSD adapter
70mm Fan Shroud
Nexus 70mm Fan

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