MiSTer MultiSystem – Open Sourced and New “PlayStation” Shell

The team behind the MiSTer MultiSystem has just released all the open source files for their custom MiSTer motherboard via the GPL-3.0 License.  The source is in Altium just like the ‘official’ I/O boards originally designed by Sorg.  They’ve also released the print files for an amazing PlayStation 1-style case that will fit the MMS motherboard, as well as teased a SNES one.  Here’s all the links:

Purchase MiSTer MultiSystem:
Open Source Files:  http://-
Multisystem V6 Enclosure:
CTRLDock Classic enclosure:
Variations on the Multisystem case (this one for a PlayStation look):

When they first teased the PlayStation case, I thought “that looks friggin amazing!!”.  Even the SNAC adapter in front (which includes a “composite video” port, so you can connect your guncon for use with any light gun core!) looks like it’s perfectly at home there.  I really hope the MMS team starts selling those as part of a full kit, as I think that would be my personal favorite choice, both for looks and functionality…

…but then they teased the SNES version (below).  This is going to be a tough choice.  But I’ll definitely be upgrading my case at some point!

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