1st Look: Atari 7800 Game Drive + RGB Out

James from Retro HQ has just posted a first look at his Atari 7800 ROM Cart, which also includes an RGB out port via a Genesis 2 MiniDIN.  There’s no official price or release date yet, but it looks to be pretty far along!  I’ll post some more details below the links, but for now the above video is a great way to get started.

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Some notes on the design:  The cart should be compatible with all retail and homebrew games.  There’s an FPGA inside that should re-create any of the extra chips and provide an accurate experience.  It also appears to offer savestates, IGR and the ability to adjust audio volume levels.

The RGB-out is also generated by the FPGA and should work with all (properly built!!!) Genesis 2 RGB/Component cables. That essentially makes this GameDrive a plug and play RGB mod and ROM cart for both the 7800 and Atari 2600!

We’ll of course update you when more info is available.  For now, if you’d like to hear more from James, check out the interview below:

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