Rusty Vinyl Soundtrack Pre-Order

Very Ok Vinyl have launched a preorder for Rusty soundtrack composed by Masahiro Kajihara, Kenichi Arakawa and Ryu Takami, released for PC-98, Epson PC and MS-DOS. It will be released as 2LP, featuring artwork by Brandon Fraser. Its priced at $57.00 CAD, $45.99, £39.99, €50,00, ¥8000, and with scheduled release being in Q1 2023.

(CA) Very Ok Vinyl:
(US) Ship to Shore:
(US) Materia:
(UK) Chipfreq:
(EU) Black Screen Records:
(AUS) PixelCrib:

Audio was sourced from a real PC-9821 with a modified PC-9801-86 card, thanks to Jeff Roberts from Marshall Art. You can get the vinyl record in Limited Edition  splatter Yellow and Blue, in Rusty Red, and in classic Black variant. This release is currently limited to 500 copies. Availability of these variants at other distributors is:

USA: STS/Materia (Rusty Red)
UK: Chipfreq (all variants)
EU: BSR (Rusty Red)
AUS: PixelCrib (all variants)
JPN: BEEP (all variants)