MemCard PRO Firmwave v2.0.3

A new firmware was recently released for the MemCard Pro that contains quite a few bugfixes.  There aren’t any new features in this one, so maybe take a look at the list below and see if any of these will affect your setup?:

Download the new firmware here:

UPDATE:  A new version that’s compatible with both the PS1 and PS2 is now available:  /
MicroSD Cards:
Original MemCard Pro:
US / North America:

I personally like to keep my equipment at the latest firmware, but if none of the changes below apply to you, it should be safe to skip.  Also, if you’d like more info on the MemCard Pro, check out the launch video I did at the bottom of this post!

  • (MCP002) Fix an issue that would break the WebUI when FTP was enabled
  • (MCP002) Fix an issue with PocketStation supported games that wouldn’t work
  • (MCP002) Fix an issue where the card would be reported as a PocketStation on the PS2
  • (MCP002) Fix an issue that could cause the WiFi to disconnect after a while when paired to an AP
  • (MCP002) Fix an issue that would prevent the Factory Reset functionality from working
  • (MCP002) Fix an issue that would prevent the Firmware Revert functionality from working
  • (MCP002) Move data around to better allocate memory for WiFi
  • (MCP002) Now stores preferences in Flash instead of a file on the SD card (you can delete the preferences.json file from the os folder – all settings will be wiped with this update)
  • (MCP002) Better use resources allocated to the OLED display to improve performance
  • (ALL) Database updates

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