YPbPr MiSTer Direct Video Adapter

Greg from Laser Bear just opened pre-orders on a Component Video (YPbPr) adapter for use with the MiSTer FPGA project.  This will connect to the HDMI output of the DE-10 and allow for high quality component video without the need of an I/O board.  You can purchase it as a complete package for $30, which is how I’d strongly recommend getting it.  More info after the link:

Pre-Order Here:

The first thing to note, is getting YPbPr via Direct Video is almost never possible using an HDMI to Component adapter;  You’d need to find one with the exact sync separation circuit in it and even those may have issues.  Greg’s solution adds the basic components needed to convert a confirmed-compatible HDMI to VGA (and 3.5mm audio) adapter, for a reliable component video signal – No I/O board or transcoder needed.  This is helpful for people who want analog video and dual-ram…or people who want the slightly higher-quality output gained using Direct Video.  Or even for people who want independent, dual-analog output!

The only software change required is to make the following change to the main, or secondary MiSTer.ini file:


If you’d like to know more about Direct Video, please see this original post:

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