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NEW! Saturn 3D Analog USB Adapter

Hardware developer & tinkerer Takusan (aka GEEKY Fab) just recently announced the release of a new USB-C adapter module for the Saturn’s 3D Analog Control Pad, aka the Sega “Multi Controller” or “marucon” (マルコン) in Japan. The primary aim of this device (according to its creator) is the use of the 3D control pad on a PC, however, there are several other potential use cases, including the MiSTer FPGA and even the Polymega console…

Demonstration Video:

You can place an order (or put your name on a restocking list, if out of stock) at Kadenken or Booth.

Takusan has also provided a development log detailing the entire process of how the adapter was made, for those who are interested.

GEEKY Fab has also provided a detailed .PDF of the circuit on his GitHub, and the firmware is open source and can be freely edited by the user and updated via USB.

Tested OS/Hardware

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Raspberry PI 3
    • Raspberry Pi OS
    • Recalbox for RASPBERRY PI 3
    • RetroPi 4.7.1 for RASPBERRY PI 2/3
  • Raspberry PI 4
    • Raspberry Pi OS
    • Recalbox for RASPBERRY PI 4/400
    • RetroPie 4.7.1 for RASPBERRY PI 4/400
  • Retro Freak

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