Version 2 – PCE to TG-16 Controller Adapter

After a successful first run of production, Todd from Retrofrog has tweaked his PCE to Turbo Grafx-16 controller adapter design.  While functionality is the same, v2 mounts vertically and is nearly 50% smaller than the original design;  It’s even small enough to fit multiple next to each other in a Turbo Tap!  The purchase link is the same as last time, as this will be the design going forward:

Purchase Here:

As discussed last time, there’s quite a few choices for wired and pigtail controller adapters, however this is the first I’ve seen sit flush against the console (as opposed to a pigtail dangling off).  While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a pigtail (assuming it’s built correctly), I think many people may prefer the aesthetic of this.  I mean, think about how this looks, vs 5 little wires dangling off…

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