Use a VCR for RF to Composite…and more!

Are you looking to connect a classic video game console that only outputs RF video to a scaler like a RetroTINK?  The first few minutes of this video shows you all you’ll need…and the rest of the video nerds out on a bunch of fun stuff;  It should be a decent watch for both beginners and even seasoned retro gamers!

RetroTINK Products:
RCA Coax Adapter:
3-RCA cable:
Audio Y-Cable:
Audio Y-Cable (for 2-RCA):
Cheap Composite Switch:
Time Sleuth:
Famicom Upgrades and Shell:

Please assume all links are affiliate / paid links that pay RetroRGB a commission on each sale. Even if links are currently not affiliate, I may update them with one, should a partner list that item for sale in the future.  And if you’d like more “getting started” information, please check out the other videos below:

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