MiSTer FPGA News – Vendetta, Exidy Games & More

Sega Saturn

Fixes were made to the Saturn core that helped the following games.

Soukyuu Gurentai

There were also other general fixes that helped improve the accuracy of the core. Around 98.4% of the Saturn USA library is playable on the core. Playable doesn’t mean perfect, and there’s is still a lot of work to do, but this is still a great milestone


Kuro Interview



MiSTer FPGA Discord Game Challenge

The next game challenge on the MiSTerFPGA Discord is Popeye, the arcade game from 1982. It is a high score challenge for the “Rev D” version, at default settings and the challenge goes until Feb. 23rd.


Fujitsu FM-7

The keyboard has been implemented for the in development Fujitsu FM-7 computer core. The shift, ctrl, graph & kana modifiers still need to be added, but Pierco can now start looking at the tape drive now.


Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 core updates include:

-Special effects in Killer Instinct Gold being fixed.
-More RDP bug fixes that helped improve the visuals in Carmageddon and Gauntlet.


Exidy Universal Game Board 2

A core for the Exidy Universal Game Board 2 arcade hard has been released. These include early 80’s games like:

Mouse Trap
Pepper II


Vendetta (Crime Fighters 2)

Jotego released another arcade game core. It’s Vendetta or Crime Fighters 2 in Japan, and it’s part of the JTSIMPSON core.