Rany Battikh

The Mega SD will run Virtua Racing!

Terraonion just announced that their upcoming Mega SD romcart/FPGA device will support (through a future firmware update) the Genesis/Mega Drive version of Virtua Racing. Throughout the years, running Virtua Racing on clone systems, some emulators and FPGA cores often seemed to be problematic to say the least, as support for Sega’s SVP DSP couldn’t be […]


Virtua Racing Versions Compared

UPDATE July 2nd 2019:  Virtua Racing is now available on the US Nintendo store and Jenovi posted another video review.  All other info and (awesome) videos are still relevant and worth watching though! (originally published May 6th) John Linneman just posted his comparison of the new Virtua Racing Switch port to all previous versions.  I’d never […]