SaturnDave (Sega Saturn, SHIRO!)

Talking Games & DF Retro with John Linneman

SHIRO! sat down with John Linneman of Digital Foundry for the first of (hopefully many more) retro gaming conversations. We talk beginnings at Digital Foundry, the creation of his Retro Series, favorite consoles & games and several interesting graphics & performance idiosyncrasies of the 32-Bit consoles. While this chat didn’t get too far into the […]


Virtua Racing Versions Compared

UPDATE July 2nd 2019:  Virtua Racing is now available on the US Nintendo store and Jenovi posted another video review.  All other info and (awesome) videos are still relevant and worth watching though! (originally published May 6th) John Linneman just posted his comparison of the new Virtua Racing Switch port to all previous versions.  I’d never […]


DF Retro Mega Man 11 Review

John Linneman had just posted an excellent review of Mega Man 11: He covers absolutely all ground, including variable input lag between versions!: “The main point here, though, is that Mega Man 11 offers excellent, responsive controls that are a perfect fit for the series – high-speed camera shots reveal that Xbox One X delivers […]