SaturnDave (Sega Saturn, SHIRO!)

‘DEVASTAR’ Open Source IR Light Gun Project

A new Open Source IR Light Gun project by Greg Gallardo called ‘Devastar‘, is in the works and looks to support numerous consoles. While the project apparently got it’s start back in 2019 and has remained pretty quiet despite steady progress, it’s now caught our attention as just a few months ago, Greg decided to […]


Analogue DAC Prototypes Unveiled – Super Nt/Mega Sg on CRT TVs

Several people were sent test copies of Analogue’s much anticipated prototype DAC (digital to analogue converter), which connects the Super Nt and Mega Sg, and future Analogue products, to CRT TVs, Monitors, and PVMs. I posted a video overview of the unit, and another video showing off light gun support.


Sinden Emulator Lightgun

There’s a new Lightgun project called the “Sinden Lightgun” which is designed for use with emulators of all consoles and will work on all TV screens including LCD: The Sinden Lightgun works by adding a thin border around your television display. The hardware is an optical based system which uses this border to visually calculate […]


Light Gun on an OLED TV with just a software patch???

The LCDMOD project is working on software patches to NES light gun games, that might allow them to be compatible with flat-screen TV’s.  I’ve been corresponding with the creator Aleksey and his goal is for people to use the original, unmodifed Zapper and only require a ROM patch!  He’s just opened the public beta for […]