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Scientific Project to Measure Input Lag by Loïc *WydD* Petit

An article blog entry done by Loïc *WydD* Petit on shows his scientific experiment and methodology used while conducting input latency (lag) testing on on certain controllers and common arcade fight sticks.  He conducted this experiment after researching other noted test and came to the realization that the control method for capturing the experiments might be tainted by unknown variables in the capturing setup.  Mr. Petit referenced some of the previously used methods in performing these information captures, most notably by TeyahDL and Noodalls.  Which he aimed to improve by making a simple setup free form many unknown variables.

Mr Petit continues by stating how input polling works with his example showing USB communication.  This is both educational and illustrates how his simple hardware setup will be used in conducting this test.  For the hardware setup he is using an Arduino and USB Shield host, though Mr. Petit does go into a simpler solution to buy if you want to replicate the results.  He then notes the software that he formed to run this experiment.

Mr. Petit then goes on to break down all the controllers he tested, showing the deviation in which the controller is likely to miss an input frame.  The results for each controller is posted as well as analysis on the break down of each controller used and it’s results.

Hopefully this test can spur more research and development on this topic as well as on the making of sound measuring tools to then be able to grade all input devices.

Mr. Loïc Petit has a PhD in Computer Science

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