RGB Blaster – RAD2x & HD Retrovision Fix

Shortly after the last RGB Blaster firmware, Krikzz uploaded v0.5, which appears to fix compatibility with all devices that were previously having trouble on revision 2 units.  Updating is as simple as connecting the RGB Blaster to your PC via USB cable and running the ‘fpga_prog.bat’ file;  Updating should only take a few seconds and you can always revert back to the previous firmware if you have any trouble.  More info below:

Firmware Update:
RGB Blaster + Shell & Case:
Shell only (if you’d like to upgrade):
Genesis 2 RGB Cables:

First, I need to apologize for the late post!  The day before v0.5 was released, I sent my rev 2 RGB Blaster to a friend for testing and just recently got it back.  I did test the update on my original RGB Blaster and the results were the same as v0.4 (which is why I didn’t post about v0.5 then).  After getting back my Rev2, I can confirm that the RetroTINK 2x SCART, HD Retrovision and the RAD2x all work fine now (RGB SCART always worked fine).  If you’re one of the very few people who got a rev 1, give this a try and see if it fixes your issues, but it probably won’t work. That said, if your rev1 one is working fine, just leave it alone – It’s an awesome product and there’s no need to mess with it.

In my opinion, RGB Blaster Rev 2 + firmware v0.5 is now a “mature product” and if you’ve been holding out, definitely pick it up.  Here’s two shorts showing off how it works, as well as how to upgrade the case!

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