PC-FX Non Volatile Memory Pack

Stone Age Gamer is now selling a homebrew replacement memory pack for the PC-FX.  This is based off of Dave Shadoff’s open source design and made by Humble Bazooka.  The price is about $100 plus shipping, which is a bit cheaper than the originals.  Plus, this one doesn’t require AAA batteries!

Pre-Order Here:
Original PC-FX Backup Cart:

There is certainly a lot of buzz around the PC-FX recently!  Between this, Fixel’s ODE…and Fixel’s own version of the FX-BMP, it’s a good time to be a PC-FX owner!

Here’s the feature list, as posted on Stone Age Gamer:

  • Uses modern non-volatile MRAM and keeps your game saves safe
  • No batteries required like the original FX-BMP
  • Custom designed multi color shell
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