RGB Blaster Firmware Update

Krikzz has just released a firmware update for the RGB Blaster that should help compatibility with some devices.  DO NOT UPDATE if your RGB Blaster is currently working well!!!  This update doesn’t add any new features and is only meant to help compatibility with devices like the RetroTINK 2x SCART and RAD2x.  Updating is as simple as connecting the RGB Blaster to your PC via USB cable and running the ‘fpga_prog.bat’ file;  Updating should only take a few seconds and you can always revert back to the previous firmware if you have any trouble.  More info in the livestream below:

Famicom RGB Blaster:
Firmware Update:

While I go over everything in the livestream, I’ll summarize the problems here:  The RGB Blaster’s video output looks great both on-screen and via oscilloscope readings.  Yet, somehow there’s still sync issues with the RAD2x and RetroTINK 2x Pro…and the HD Retrovision cables are inexplicably too bright (yes, I flipped the switch ;p).  The firmware update Krikzz posted completely fixes the 2x SCART, but breaks compatibility with the RT5x.  And while the RAD2x works, it now has the same “brightness” problem the HD Retrovision cables have:

So, this is most likely a sync issue and since progress has already been made, there’s hope for a permanent fix.  Hopefully one single firmware will work on both, but for the short-term, just use whichever firmware matches your device.  Real-time (boring) testing of the device can be found here at 37:18 – If you’re a nerd like me you might enjoy it, but this is definitely a technical stream:

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