Remute Launches N64 Album + Interview

I recently did an interview with Remute, where he officially announced his upcoming album ‘R64’ – A complete album with 15 songs released on a Nintendo 64 cartridge, due to release this March!  As with his other “game console releases”, R64 generates music using the same methods all original games on the console would have used.  In the interview, we discussed how these cartridge-based Remute albums are made, his history and lots more stuff any fan would want to hear!  Links to all albums are below and the interview is available as a video (above) and on all major audio-only podcast services.  As for R64, the standard edition is available for about $45 and there’s also a limited ‘Plus Edition’ for about $55 which includes a blue 7″ vinyl containing exclusive and special versions of songs.

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Remute also announced that R64 would be the first of a new album trilogy that would be released throughout 2022!:  The second part will be released for the Game Boy Advance and the third on the Sega Dreamcast;  This will include a cooperation with developer Duranik of ‘Sturmwind’ fame!  Remute is also planning a re-release of both the Genesis and SNES albums (‘Technoptimistic’ and ‘The Cult Of Remute’, respectively) in the coming year – I suggest checking the links above to see if Stone Age Gamer or Bandcamp has any left in stock and if not, hopefully this re-release will have you covered!

For a funny release video and a teaser of R64, check out this video:

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