The History Of NES Light Gun Games

Norm the Gaming Historian recently released a video detailing the history of the NES light gun – Both the hardware and software.  Norm traced the origins of the NES Zapper, showed how it worked and even showed alternatives on both the Famicom and NES.  Also, every NES light gun game was demo’d, including the only game that can be used with two zappers at the same time: Chiller.  It’s a pretty boring game overall, but I’m glad Norm showed it, as it’s just a neat piece of history and something most people didn’t know about.

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If you’re interested in light guns, also check out My Life In Gaming‘s video on the SNES Super Scope, as it answers any questions you might have had about the peripheral.  I hope some day, we’ll get an equally high quality video about Sega Master System light guns, as there’s a few decent games there, including one of the silliest and fun 8-bit experiences you can have:  A 3D glasses compatible light gun game!

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