PS1 Digital: An In-Depth Look

Here’s a detailed overview of the PS1 Digital HDMI mod for the original PlayStation.  Overall, the PS1d will offer the best output possible from original hardware, with it’s digital-to-digital video conversion and scaling while only adding an imperceptible 2ms (or less) of lag.  While there are other good methods available for playing a PS1 on a flat-panel TV, this one is absolutely the most feature-filled and highest quality!

Purchase PS1 Digital:
PS1 Digital Full List Of Features:

RAD2x Info and Links:
RetroTINK Info and links:
OSSC Info and Links:

List of PS1 Game Resolutions:
List of PS1 Games that only run in 480i:

Dan’s PS1 Digital Installation:
Voultar’s Installation Video:

mClassic / mCable Lag Tests:


If you’re looking for a more beginner-focused summary of the PS1d, I’d highly recommend checking out Metal Jesus’ video on it, as it’s much shorter and to the point.  While I’m very proud of my “in-depth look”, many people might not want or need all the details I provide and Jason’s video would be an excellent choice for them.  Maybe still give mine a watch though, just to throw me some views 🙂

Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:

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