New SNES FPGA Appears Out Of Nowhere

srg320 released what appears to be a well made, open-source, relatively complete Super Nintendo/Super Famicom core for a Cyclone FPGA with special chip support already integrated. The release came out of nowhere, as has become the norm for FPGA developments. Users are currently investigating if it can be quickly brought over to MiSTer.

A random video also appeared, showing it in passing the SuperNES Burn-In Test, which is a stress test used on by hardware technicians to test consoles for (small to large) errors.
Update: More videos are emerging, showing special chip support working for S-DD1, DSP, and CX4. 45 minutes of SNES game play was also demonstrated, capped with the Super Nintendo CD demo.

My personal theory is that srg320 is an anagram for “Sorge2”.

They have also added pictures to the Github release of the core running on a portable-inspired development board of their own design, which is based around:
Cyclone III (EP3C55F484C8)
VRAM: 128KB (64KB times two)