Wii and GC Versions of the 240p Test Suite Updated

Artemio has just updated the Wii and GameCube versions of the 240p Test Suite to match features of other console versions.  The full updates are as follows:

  • Added vertical scroll tests
  • Finally added palette swap animation to water in the horizontal scrolling test
  • Expanded Color test to cover the last and first 32 colors in 24 bits under Color Bars
  • Updated help
  • Fixed CR/LF issue with help files and git

Here’s links to download, as well as other information:


For anyone unfamiliar, the 240p Test Suite is software that’s been ported to many consoles that is an essential part of most modders or developers toolkits.  It provides ways to calibrate and test video output, test audio and perform lag tests!  It’s truly a must-have for anyone with the ability to run it.

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