New Sega Saturn Replacement Shells from Muramasa

Muramasa Entertainment has just announced pre-orders on replacement shells and button sets for the Sega Saturn.  If you search the page below, you’ll see three categories:  Ones in stock ready to ship, pre-orders for shells that are definitely being made…and Muramasa is also crowdfunding a few more potential designs as well.  Here’s the link and there’s some more info / clarifications below:

Pre-Order Here:
Button Sets:

There’s some interesting things to discuss here.  First, Muramasa has purchased the mold from the supplier and will now be making the same, really high quality shells directly.  This is what’s allowing the new color choices that are potentially coming with the crowdfunding options.

First are shells and buttons that are (at least at the time of this post) in stock and ready to ship:  Translucent Red, Orange, Yellow and Extreme Green can be purchased right now.

Next are the pre-orders:  These are definitely being made and will ship in the fall.  Colors are Translucent White, Translucent Smoke Black, Opaque Black, and Opaque White.

And lastly are the “crowdfunding” choices:  These will be made based on interest and people will be refunded for ones that don’t reach the goal…or you can switch your order to a different color.  Some of these look pretty neat, so definitely take the time to check out the page above and see if any interest you!:  Opaque Yellow, Opaque Red, Opaque Blue, Opaque Grey, Opaque Pink, Opaque Green, Opaque Purple and Translucent Emerald Green.

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