MiSTer FPGA News – Multiple New Cores Released or Coming

Prehistoric Isle & Snow Bros

Darren__O has officially made The Prehistoric Isle core available to the public.

The core is still in beta so expect there to be issues, but even with the issues it is still fully playable.
You can obtain the core from Github.

atrac17 also posted that there should be an update for analog CRT users soon and announced that a Snow Bros 2 will release this week along with an update to Truxton 2.


Chameleon Core and Cosmic Police Galivan

Pierco has officially released the Chameleon core and you can now update your MiSTer to obtain it.

Now he is working on another core for Nichibutsu’s Cosmo Police Galivan. Right now the core is only being tested in simulation and not on MiSTer yet.

Playstation Core

Another portion of the Playstation core is now cycle accurate. This time it’s the MIPS CPU write queue. What this means is that all registers like the GPU, Timers, DMA, and MDEC, are now accessed using the original PS1’s timing, giving use a more accurate Playstation core. Thanks to these timing fixes even more games have been fixed.


Missile Command

The Missile command core is now public. Just update your MiSTer to obtain it. Right before the release, the developer had just finished analog joystick support. But as more people try out their analog controllers there maybe some more tweaking needed.


M72 Core

Last week the M72 core added the games Ninja Spirit and Image Fight. This week we get even more games to test. The games added are Dragon Breed, Mr Heli and Legend of Hero Tonma. You can try out these games now, by downloading the cores from GitHub


Jotego Updates

Jotego has given some updates regarding schematic extraction and some future cores. The Renegade schematics are completed and now work on schematics for Extermination and Insector X will begin. A lot of games share similar hardware to these two games.

An FPGA core is scheduled for the end of September for the Z80 only games.

Tank Battalion

If you’ve been following Mr Retro Wolf’s series of core development tutorials, you know that you will be working on creating a core for Namco’s 1980’s arcade game Tank Battalion.

Well, Mr Retro Wolf has officially released the core if you want to play the game on your MiSTer. Just run your update script to obtain it.

I highly suggest his videos, if you have any interest in core development or are just curious on how it’s done.


Other MiSTer FPGA updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

The Raizing core has received several updates that fix issues with several games.
The PCXT core added some new features and fixed issues that improved compatibility.