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New Saturn Mini-Cast Series: SHIRO! Editor’s Corner

Any SEGA Saturn fans out there..? This one’s for you!

SHIRO! Media Group recently launched a new bi-weekly nostalgia-packed Saturn podcast series called Editor’s Corner. (in addition to the existing mainline SHIRO! podcast). Dave & Peter, editors of SHIRO! MAGAZINE, look back on their teenage memories of the console’s hardware, games and marketing. Join them for casual, unscripted conversations about their experiences as SEGA fans growing up in the ’90s, and what it was like backing SEGA’s dark horse system during it’s brief time on store shelves.

This series aims to be fun, lighthearted and avoid retreading many of the negatively-focused narratives that have become far too common and typical of most Saturn retrospectives out there… We hope folks will give these a listen and let us know if there are any specific Saturn-related topics they’d like us to explore and discuss.

SEGA SATURN, SHIRO! – from Dave & Peter

Podcast Audio Only Version: HERE

Podcast Audio Only Version: HERE

Podcast Audio Only Version: HERE

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