Fixel’s 3DO FZ-1 Optical Drive Emulator Reviewed

Lon Seidman just released a series of videos showing off Fixel’s internal ODE for the FZ-1 3DO.  The above video is a short overview, as well as a demo and comparing speed to an original 3DO disc drive.  Spoiler:  The ODE is much faster…a bigger jump than many other ODE’s.  Check out Lon’s video above, as well as his full livestream below:

Purchase the FZ-1 ODE Here:
Bracket for FZ-1 Version:
Support Lon Here:
More info on this (and the external) ODE:

I’ll be checking out the external version as soon as it arrives and will run the same speed tests Lon did to compare.  I’ll also probably do it in livestream format, however Lon’s stream covers the internal installation – I recommend anyone who’s getting the internal version check this out for reference.  It seems easy, but it’s nice to see someone else have it covered before you give it a try:

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