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New and Improved Micro SD Express Cards Announced

Proving that the tech world moves faster than anyone could conceivably keep up, the SD association has announced a new, faster standard for SD cards.  Under the new moniker MicroSD Express, these cards will be over 6x faster (up to 985 MB/s vs 160 MB/s transfer) than the just-announced-for-pre-order “fastest SD card” by Sandisk. By tapping into the power of PCIe & NVMe, these new cards are basically even more portable SSD drives.

The card will also be backwards compatible, with current devices as it offer both an UHS-I as well as PCIe/NVMe interface.  Logically, I would imagine that you would need an updated reader in order to fully utilize the new speed.

The tangible benefits according to the SD association are numerous:

  • Super Slow motion
  • Raw Continous Burst Mode
  • 8k Video Capture & Playback
  • Better Battery Life

The technology sounds promising, and hopefully we’ll get more information out in the next few days.

I’d love to see optical drive emulators and FPGA’s take advantage of the tech in addition to “normal” use with phones, PC’s, and gaming consoles.

For more information, see the links below:

Source:  SD Association , Stats for Nerds


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