MiSTer FPGA News – Smash TV, Nintendo 64, RF Adapter & More


New NFC Scanner

Retrocastle is working on a more affordable NFC Scanner PCB with a range of over 5cm. It will be fully compatible with wizzo’s NFC script. The design will be open sourced so any MiSTer vendor will be able to develop and sell it.



XTREME MiSTer is now accepting preorders for their MiSTer FPGA IO Board.

The board supports JAMMA and JVS, 3 CRT’s & 1 HDMI output at the same time, multi-Host and 4 player SNAC, and more. 3 different boards with different features are being offered.


Nintendo 64

Robert, the N64 core developer, posted a new Patreon update talking about all the changes made since the last Patreon post and a look at what he’s going to be working on next. It goes over:

The implementation of SRAM.
PAL game support.
Fog blending.
RDRAM handling.


Smash TV

Pramod posted a video of Smash TV booting up on the MiSTer FPGA. It’s not yet pixel perfect but he has the y unit base platform working.

The game uses a lower resolution than NARC and it’s pixel clock is 8MHz, this helps the game fit in one SDRAM module. However, this is not set in stone and can change as development continues on the game.


Pramod cores on CoinOp Collection

Atrac17 announced that Pramods cores will now join the Coinop collection distribution, so if you havent yet done so, you should enable CoinOp collection in the updateall script settings to obtain his cores and many other ones not on the standard downloader.

Pram0d brought us cores like the Raizing core that can run several shooters and is working on the Midway Y & Z unit cores that will get NARC, Smash TV and Mortal Kombat working.