M2PS2: M2 SSD in a PS2 Slim

ModzvilleUSA has just posted a video about a complicated, but awesome mod for the PS2 Slim:  This allows you to install and boot homebrew from an M2 SSD, while also retaining the original DVD drive!  It’s compatible with v12 and v13 PS2 Slim’s, however it’s a complicated installation.  Also, it does require cutting the shell, so you might want to consider a cheap replacement case as well.  Here’s more links:

Original M2PS2 Thread:
2TB Confirmed Working SSD:
1TB Confirmed Working SSD:

While I prefer loading my PS2 games over a network via RetroNAS, that’s not going to work for many people.  The thought of installing an SSD right inside the Slim’s case and loading your games is awesome…but also retaining the original drive at the same time is even better!  While it’s not an easy mod, I really think this is something many people would be interested in.  Please check out Modzville’s video for more info and a demo!

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