Mike Yedley’s Genesis Music Album / Win95 Sim / Mini Game

Mike Yedley has recently released a really unique Genesis / Mega Drive rom filled with tons of cool stuff.  First, it’s a completely original album, with music written by Mike and played using the Genesis’ sound chips.  The songs are great and that alone is cool enough to warrant a post here…but the main interface of the rom is made to look like Windows 95!  There’s a few mini games, visualizers and “emails” even come in as you use it.  The total cost was just over $30 for the physical package and damn you get a lot for your money!  A full list of features below the links and a demo video at the bottom of this post:

Purchase the ROM Here:
Pre-Order the Cartridge or CD Here:

I purchased the cartridge right when I saw it go up for sale, but held off on writing this post until I had a chance to inspect it myself.  I’m glad I did – After having the full experience of opening the box, reading the notes and seeing that the cartridge is properly beveled, I’m even more excited for this than I was before!

Here’s the full list of features:

  • Over 20 original mikeyeldey songs
  • Desktop user interface and Start Menu application launcher
  • 5 Minigames:
    • 3D Maze – A familiar classic comes to the Sega Genesis.
    • Ambulance – Arcade traffic weaving game. Ring the siren and floor the gas pedal for double points!
    • FlappyMike – Carefully steer the propeller-beanie through the pipes.
    • Hacky Sack – How long can you keep it bouncing?
    • Reflex – Be fast on the buttons as music speeds up.
  • 7 Visualizers, including bouncing cards and flying toasters
  • Customize your experience with selectable desktop wallpapers and colour palettes
  • Interactive Internet browser and email inbox simulator
  • ME-DOS Mode, featuring 8-bit PSG chip bonus tracks

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