Nobelia: A New Homebrew CDi Game

Developer TWBurn has recently released a brand new game for the Philips CDi called Nobelia.  A good way to describe it might be “Bomberman in a top-down Zelda universe”.  A physical copy is available to purchase, as well as just an .iso for CDr use.  There’s also a free demo available if you’d like to try before buying and TWBurn even posted the source code on the github!  There’s a trailer video above and I livestream I did below if you’d like to see it in action!

Main Site / Physical Copy:
Purchase an iso:
US Distributor:
Source Code / Demo Download:

I played through about a half hour of Nobelia in the livestream below and really enjoyed it.  Also, the creator TWBurn was in the chat answering questions, so we got a bunch of really cool behind the scenes info as I played.  I thought it was a great balance of challenge and fun; Each time I figured out a new puzzle area, I was motivated to keep going.  In fact, the only reason I didn’t play through the whole game, is I had a few other things to test!  Check it out for yourself here:

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