Making the Ultimate Super Nintendo (Almost)

In my latest video, I attempted to build the Ultimate Super Nintendo.  The idea for this video was sparked when I was contacted by a very talented modder named Rob (RAW Talent ART) who makes very ornate, beautiful custom painted shells for many different consoles.

I had been following Rob for a long time because his shell designs are simply amazing!  One day, he reached out and said that he noticed I hadn’t modded any Super Nintendo consoles on my channel, and it dawned on me that he was 100% correct and I needed to change that!  So he sent me an absolutely stunning Super Nintendo shell as well as three mods to install.

The shell was a PAL Super Nintendo, which looks exactly like a Japanese Super Famicom, and like I stated previously, the paint job was absolutely amazing.  The three mods he sent were provided by Duncan Deals, another modder who sells fully built modded consoles.

The first mod he sent was a SuperCIC board which is an open sourced project created by the very talented Peter Bartmann (borti4938) and Ikari_01.  This mod allows the Super Nintendo to be region free and the ability to switch between 50Hz/60Hz.  This was the mod I was most excited about since I do have a small collection imported games I really wanted to try out.

The second mod was a dejitter mod created by Markus Hiienkari (marqs85).  This mod is great for those who are having sync issues when trying to capture footage with a capture card, or when using scalers like the OSSC.

And the last mod is a RGB Filter which was created by a Japanese modder named Torapu.  His work was later miniaturized and put onto a small PCB for a cleaner installation, which was what I was given for this build.  This mod is supposed to clean up the RGB video output, making the pixels more crisp/sharp and less blurry.

Well, after installing everything, I was very impressed with the results.  The shell looked great, and I was able to play my small collection of Japanese games. While I’m sure the dejitter mod also works great, I never really experience first hand any issues with regard to sync so I really cannot comment much on it.  But I think it’s good to have if I ever plan on streaming with the console in the future.

Now the one issue I had with the entire build was the RGB Filter.  First, I didn’t really notice a huge overall improvement in video quality (I do have to caveat that I was comparing the results to my un-modded American console which is SHVC-CPU-01 revision motherboard). And second, I was informed that this mod introduces some l risk of damaging the Picture Processing Unit 2 chip (PPU2) due to the way it works and interacts with he chip’s DAC (Digital to Analog Converter).

So needless to say, I will most likely be removing the RGB Filter mod in the future.

However, other than that, I am very impressed with the build.  For more details on the results, check out the full video linked above.

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