Game Sack RT4K Pre-Release Review

Joe from Game Sack just released an awesome video showcasing the upcoming RetroTINK 4K.  I think this is a great video for people wanting some examples of scaling that was previously hard to do:  PSP, GBi, letterboxed SNES, etc – Joe’s got tons of good examples that can give you a sense of what to expect.  More info below the links:

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First of all, holy crap, those angled scanlines shots were nuts!!!  There’s no way I could pull that off and it was impressive to see.  I also really appreciated the audio format testing, as I got that wrong in my video:  I think I said something like “the HDMI port only accepts stereo audio”, but after my video went live, I released DTS and Dolby 5.1 did work.  It’s really just the formats Joe highlighted here in the video that require some kind of HDMI audio extractor, if you’d like to send them direct to your AVR.  Or, you can use an HDMI Matrix Switch…which will probably be best for people using mixed 1080p and 4K signals:

…and of course, I’m never shy about shameless self-promotion, so you if you haven’t checked out my review, you might want to give that a watch as well;  While some stuff I showed overlaps with Joe’s video, they each have some unique points:

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