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Lethal Wedding Gameplay Footage Released

Not long ago, MegaCat Studios announced an interesting sounding “top down rpg shooter” called Lethal Wedding.  At the time, there was little to go on other than a quirky story about a bride and her mother-in-law seeking revenge when a groom is kidnapped.

Footage is now available which shows off some of the gameplay and if the upcoming Xeno Crisis reminds me of Smash TV, then Lethal Wedding reminds me of the classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors game.

Per the updated page, Lethal Wedding will be co-op which should greatly expand its appeal.

These ladies mean business…

The game will be available for multiple platforms such as the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis and PC.

Animation and sprites look good and are full of charm.  Hopefully, the music, game play, and level design also meet and/or surpass expectations.

Unfortunately, price and release dates are still a mystery, but if you’re interested in this, then keep an eye on their page here:  Lethal Wedding

You’ll also find their mailing list via that link.  Let’s hope the game does not disappoint.

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