LCDMOD Demo’s Zapper on PC Emulator

The developer behind the awesome LCDMOD project has just announced a new project that allows you to use a zapper with PC emulators on a flat-screen TV!  It requires a patched ROM and a way to interface the zapper to the computer but otherwise works similar to the NES version:

The ROM calculates and auto-calibrates the delay added by both the emulator and flat-panel, shown in the upper-left of the screen at the beginning of the video (5 frames…gasp!).  Then it compensates the delay, so each shot should line up almost as accurately as on a CRT.

I’ve personally tested this quite a bit with original hardware and found that as long as you use the right Zapper (the Tomee Zap Gun worked best for me), then it’s accurate enough to still be a great experience!  Now that it’s available on a PC, I’m interested to see how far this can be taken and what other emulators and games can support this feature!

For more information and to support the project, check out the LCDMOD Patreon account here:

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