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Gorgeous Looking Pixel Art Game “Project Genesis” Shown Running on Real Hardware

Genesis and Mega Drive users have yet another game to look forward to with the announcement of Project Genesis, a new game designed to run on real hardware.

This time, the developer is Bits Rule Games, an Argentinian development studio currently composed of four members.

The game reminds me of Monster World IV visually with a gorgeous blend of colors that pop on the Mega Drive.  The linked video (above) shows what appears to be the game ROM running from an Everdrive.

The developer states that the footage was captured from a Sega Genesis model 2, VA3 console without mods upscaled through an OSSC 1.6. This version shows:

  • UI Implementation
  • BGM Implementation (WIP)
  • SFX Implementation (WIP)
  • New Power Ups & Collectables
  • Checkpoint system
  • New Object Integration (Tileset Improvements)
  • Enemies Integration
  • VFX Integration

From the footage provided, the music sounds great with fluid animation and a smooth frame rate.  It looks very polished and professional even at this early stage.

The name “Project Genesis” is a placeholder for now. The dev hopes to have a playable demo “soon” that will be playable on your original hardware. Currently, there is no word on whether there will be a physical release, but I did contact the developer on Twitter and will update if they answer.

In the meanwhile, you can follow the studio via facebook, twitter, instagram, and Youtube.

Links to their social media handles can be found here: Bit Rules Games


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