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Yaba Sanshiro Update Adds New Feature and Supports another Game

The best Saturn emulator on Android, Yaba Sanshiro just received a new update to version 2.4.0. The emulator, which plays many games at full speed on the Nvidia Shield TV and many other devices received an important usability update.

According to the release notes:


* in-game controller configuration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjwSuPTWgy0
* Riglord saga 2 is playable now.
If you’re a Riglord Saga 2 fan, what are you waiting for?  For everyone else, the convenience of in-game controller configuration is a no-brainer, especially since many of today’s modern controllers don’t have the six button setup that the Saturn blessed us with.
Yaba Sanshiro is free-to-try with the option to purchase a license.
Google Play: Yaba Sanshiro

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