Fully-Shielded Saturn S-Video Cable

Insurrection Industries has recently started selling a fully-shielded S-Video cable for the Sega Saturn.  The quality is excellent and this is a great choice for anyone using an original Sega Saturn console, or any of the MiSTer solutions that use a Saturn MiniDIN.  The price is $25 plus shipping and they’re currently in-stock:

Insurrection Industries Saturn S-Video Cable:

I recently did a livestream testing this cable and the results were great!  I think the best demonstration is the light blue background in Sonic Jam – You can see the badly-shielded, generic cable has a checkerboard pattern, where the Insurrection Industries cable is clean:

The audio also performed well…and yes, I double checked:  The left and right cables are oriented properly 🙂

As a note, unshielded S-Video cables usually end up looking like composite, as the color lines interfere with the brightness and sync.  Ironically enough, badly shielded S-Video cables like the one I have here can actually look worse than composite, since you get bad checkerboarding, with none of the “blending” of composite.  And to make matters worse, these generic Saturn S-Video cables are sold under many different brands, including some bigger-named ones with fancy packaging, tricking you into thinking they’re good.


Don’t be fooled – Get the better one from Insurrection Industries!

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