Discussing Clone Companies With Nick from HD Retrovision

I make great efforts to keep the content on RetroRGB positive, but doing the right thing often requires discussing the negativities people might run into.  I know the unfortunate consequences of that is content that’s less easy to digest, but we have a serious problem in the retro gaming world:  Cloning.  Today, I’m joined by Nick from HD Retrovision to discuss why clone companies don’t get shut down, what’s the difference between cloning and just building a competing product and how open source might play into that.  The second half of the podcast moved onto discussing part shortages, the future of HD Retrovision and other random topics that popped up.  This is available is a video (above), as well as audio-only on iTunesGoogleStitcherSpotify and many others, as well as direct-download:

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P.S.  In my 10+ years of running, there’s been one consistent response whenever negativity is discussed:  Many listeners send their personal anger my way.  That’s fine, I’m used to it – But after you’re done venting, take a deep breath and remember:  If you didn’t know the product you purchased was a clone, it’s not your fault.  You don’t need to feel anger or resentment toward yourself or even the clone company.  Just make your best effort to use this as a learning experience and decide for yourself what you think is okay or not.

00:00 Clone Company Tactics
22:45 What ISN’T Cloning?
29:14 Clean Room / Moral Issues
40:30 Open Source “Cloning” LINK
58:11 Summing it up
1:06:11 What’s up with HD Retrovision?
1:24:09 HDMIzer Still Coming?
1:35:25 Questions From People
1:42:53 Winding down

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