Battletoads Double Dragon SNES Official Re-Release

Pre-orders are open from now until December 27th for an official reprint “collectors edition” of Battletoads Double Dragon for the Super Nintendo.  The price is $55 plus shipping and they’re due to ship in Spring.  While this is obviously a cool thing for fans of the game who want a complete-in-box version, it’s worth noting that cartridge-only originals can be found cheaper.  More thoughts after the links…

Pre-order yours here:
Purchase an original:

Reprints like this one are a bit less exciting for me, simply because of price.  I mean, on the flip side, stuff like the Gley Lancer Collectors Edition makes total sense, since the only way to play with an original cartridge is by purchasing a really expensive original (or potentially dangerous repro).  That said, if you’re not someone who cares about owning complete-in-box versions, you can just use the link above to buy a used cartridge-only…or, of course, just support a local game store and buy it there.

I completely understand why Retro-Bit would offer this though!  I imagine after taking the time to license the franchise for the NES re-release, (which absolutely benefitted from a re-release due to high cost of the originals!), they figured why not capitalize on it and release the SNES version as well?  And as long as they maintain the same quality builds with beveled edges and voltage-safe circuits, I’m all for it!  I personally won’t be running out to get it, but I know a bunch of collectors who’d appreciate an edition like this!  If you’re interested, here’s what it includes:

  • Ultimate Team Green Battletoads and Double Dragon 16-Bit Cartridge (NTSC & PAL)
  • Individually numbered deluxe hardcover cartridge packaging
  • Full-colored instruction manual
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