Rany Battikh

X-station firmware 1.0.4 released

While it’s only been a couple of weeks since the X-station received its latest firmware update, the project’s main developer ramapcsx2  just released yet another newer update that improves, or rather simplifies compatibility and addresses a few bugs.

Introduced by Sony in 1998, Libcrypt is extra code stored on quite a few PAL PS disc/games that served as a preventative measure against piracy. Basically, Libcrypt‘s main function is to detect the presence of an installed mod-chip. The inserted Libcrypt-infused game then won’t boot at all in case the subject console proved to be modded. For years now, the only way to get around Libcrypt was to use a patching software and individual .ppf files for each single title.

With firmware 1.0.4 the end-user is only required to copy any Libcrypt game to the SD-card and the X-station will take care of the rest. No patching of any kind is required here anymore.

Support for Namco’s lightgun GunCon (ideally used with Time Crisis) and steering-wheel-in-a-controller NeGcon (ideally used with Ridge Racer) was added as well.

Here’s the full list of features and improvements available when upgrading to firmware 1.0.4:

  • Reset line better debouncing for PU-8 slow rise times
  • Libcrypt protected games now work, no user attention required
  • Fixed remembering path names with special characters
  • NeGcon, Mouse and GunCon support
  • Brushed up artwork
  • Further 3rd party accessories tweaks

Now that a lot more people received and installed their X-station kits, ramapcsx2 seems to be working relentlessly on making his ODE a as-close-to-perfect product.


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